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Cannon AFB Expansion

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Clovis, NM - The expansion of Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis is ahead of schedule. And that means more personnel and their families have moved to Clovis earlier than expected. 

Since the base became home to the 27th Special Operations Wing almost three years ago, the community has seen a sizeable makeover. 

For the first time since then. the public was invited to come inside Cannon Air Force Base. "Now seems about the time to do that because we have about 3 quarters of our population here. We are about 4,300 strong right now. And the growth will bring us to about 5,800," says Colonel Stephen Clark.

That's 5,800 people that would not be in the Clovis area without the base. Causing a rapid increase in demand for family housing.

"The community is working very well with us to expand the city and opportunities we have with our families. So I'm very pleased with the progress that we're making here," says Colonel Houston Myers.

Various housing projects are already underway in the area. And the main objective for those projects is affordability says Colonel Clark. "What we're looking for is a lot of multi-family housing. Apartments. Duplexes. Town houses and that kind of thing. For what our air men can afford."

Which is already paying dividends for the Clovis community as a whole. "All the jobs that are being created in the construction area here. We are going to add several hundreds of millions dollars in construction which I think will really drive the economy," Colonel Clark says.

And as more families come to Clovis, more children will be in need of mentoring and guidance. "Great need within Clovis. I think we all can be mentors in our community. The base does that all the time," says Michelle Pufall of the 27th S.O.W.

Not just providing help in Clovis. But to all American military around the world.

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