Woman Killed By Train While Jogging In Canyon

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

CANYON, TEXAS - Canyon Police are looking for any information on a woman killed Sunday evening when she was hit by a train while on a jog.

She was apparently jogging southbound on 15th Street and stopped in front of the railroad tracks to wait for an east bound train to go by.  She had earbuds in her ears and as she started to cross, she apparently did not know another train was coming from the west and was hit.

So now, police are desperate to find out who she is because, as Chief Dale Davis says, "an autopsy has been ordered by the justice of precinct one, but we do need to find out who she is before we can proceed with that autopsy."

Chief Davis says witnesses told him they have seen the woman jogging in the area several times before, and believes this is nothing more than a tragic accident.