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Amarillo Shooting and Chase

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - One man is receiving treatment for a gun shot wound after leading police on a high speed chase. Officers pulled over a 19-year-old man in north Amarillo at 3:11 this afternoon.

Just as they began to approach the vehicle, their suspect drove away heading westbound on Willow Creek. Officers pursued the white Chevrolet van for around 10 minutes.

Sergeant Brent Barbee of the Amarillo Police Department says, "the driver drove in a north westerly direction across a yard or a lot at 401 Willow Creek. And struck one or two fences there and evidently became entangled or stopped by a fence."

Two officers then walked towards the van. But as they approached, the man pulled away from the fence in the direction of the officers. Both of them fired shots, one of which struck the man in the leg.

Barbee says, "the van was then able to get completely away from the scene. It went north on blue bonnet. At some point getting back on to Dumas drive. The suspect continued north on Dumas Drive. Left the roadway near Dumas and the Canadian river bridge."

The suspect eventually blew out a tire near the river, and that's where police say they gained custody just before 3:40. He was taken to NorthWest Texas Hospital with what are being called non life threatening injuries.

No charges have been filed and the suspect's name is not being released tonight. Police are saying this may not be the first time he fled from a traffic stop.