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Contractors Upset With City Inspectors

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Long-simmering anger at the City of Amarillo has hit its boiling point.

The investors call themselves "repeat customers" for the city...a tongue in cheek way of saying the city constantly slaps them with violations they must pay.

But they say it is getting too expensive.

Dozens of local investors make their living buying beat up homes and turning them into livable properties.  But they say it is getting tough.

One investor says, "every time we go to do something little it ends up being way more than we originally estimated."

That is because inspectors are writing them up for things they say were previously glossed over. It ends up costing them hundreds of dollars in fines...right into the city's pocket.

Another big issue is permits.  They say there are many more they have to get now than they did, say, a year ago.

Joel Travis, who owns Sagecrest Properties, says "we didn't realize the city was requiring a permit for hot water installation. Never had that problem before. Suddenly its 'hey we're going to fine you 300 dollars.'"

The city does admit to a crack down of sorts on contractors.

Building Safety's Scott McDonald says, "there were permits that weren't necessarily obtained on a routine basis."

Investors say they will comply with the city, they just want to be aware of any new guidelines before they get a fine.

Travis says, "there needs to be that communication with the city. From this point forward, we're going to be changing the way things were done before."

If not, they say the cost of remodeling will become too much.

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