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Texas Gov. Rick Perry entertains talk of 2012 bid

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - After clobbering Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the March Republican primaries, Gov. Rick Perry has been steadily raising his national profile, fueling speculation that he is quietly building a campaign for the White House in 2012.

Perry still has to beat Democrat Bill White in November, so the speculation only goes so far. But less than a week after grabbing headlines at a Republican conference in New Orleans, Perry found himself posing for pictures Thursday for next week's edition of Newsweek.

The 60-year-old Perry insists he's not a Beltway kind of guy, dramatically remarking in a recent televised debate that he plans to spend the next four years in Austin if "the good Lord" sees fit to let him live that long. Still, Perry continues to get, and seek, national attention.

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