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Pete's Greenhouse History

Pete's Greenhouse started in White Deer, Texas in 1967.  The business began as a hobby for Pete Murdoch, a retired railroad engineer.  Under Pete's supervision the company thrived, but in 1971 he passed away and left the business to his family.  They continued serving the White Deer community until 1974, when they encountered a freeze-out that destroyed their entire stock.  Heartbroken, they placed the business on the market, and in 1974 it was purchased by Glenda Ruthardt.

Glenda chose to keep the name of Pete's Greenhouse and by 1975, Pete's was supplying twenty-six Affiliated ShurFine grocery stores with wholesale products.   From Liberal, Kansas to Hereford, Texas, the business was known for its quality products and exceptional service.  But in 1979, ShurFine declared bankruptcy forcing Glenda to transform the business to cater to the local retail market.

In 1987 Glenda (who resided in Amarillo) closed the branch in White Deer and opened a retail branch in Pampa to service those involved in the local oil boom.  After several years, however, the commute from Amarillo to Pampa each day was taxing on her, and the oil boom had begun to wane.  Glenda decided to move the business to Amarillo.  So in 1994, Darren Ruthardt and Trena Beckmann, Glenda's son and daughter, were brought on as partners, and the family moved the company to their current location at Interstate 27 and Arden Road (I-27 & Bell).

Today, Pete's Greenhouse continues to serve Amarillo and the surrounding communities with unique gardening products, patio furnishings, home décor gifts and accessories. Through the use of her "tough love", Glenda specifically prepares her garden plants for a Midwestern climate to yield better results and attain higher customer satisfaction.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff is guaranteed to educate and assist customers in finding the perfect product for their homes and gardens.   By serving clients from the Dallas Cowboys to Amarillo, Pete's Greenhouse is perfectly suited to make your home and garden beautiful.

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