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MPO Votes To Finish Coulter Project

Dr. Brian Eades, City commissioner and MPO member Dr. Brian Eades, City commissioner and MPO member
Gary Holwick, MPO Director Gary Holwick, MPO Director

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Whether to start a project on Georgia or finish a project on Coulter was the main issue at City Hall in Amarillo today.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization decided finishing a project on Coulter would get the most bang for their buck.

If you live in the area near Westcliff, you know what a hassle it can be to get around.

City commissioner and MPO member Brian Eades says, "we have quite a gauntlet to run in the mornings, so we need another outlet so they can have access to the loop, I think it will help."

Help by taking Coulter all the way from the area near De Zavala Middle School to Loop 335.

The MPO has $500,000 left over from the stimulus package, which should be enough to get the whole thing done.

Dr. Eades says, "in addition to these funds we can roll over to the north coulter project, when the city puts their money in and developer puts his money in, we can get that part of the project finished."

Members went back and forth between Coulter and another important project to the organization: South Georgia.

They want it to eventually be on par with other thoroughfares like Bell or Coulter.

MPO Director Gary Holwick says, "it's even more so now that you've got the Randall County Sheriff's Office, the youth center there, the county jail there. It is important."

Members hope using money at Coulter will free up some money to put toward Georgia Street.

The organization had to decide on a project today because it has to be approved by May 17th.

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