Ryan Leaf Plea

Amarillo, TX - Former West Texas A-and-M football coach Ryan Leaf has officially reached a plea agreement.

Leaf was in a Potter County courtroom this morning and has  pleaded guilty to two counts of drug possession charges.

In exchange, Leaf was sentenced to ten years probation and fines totaling $20-thousand.

District Attorney James Farren says Leaf's future is now in his own hands, "What we're trying to accomplish here is to change the pattern in someone's life to where they begin to live according to the rules. If that happens because he stays on probation successfully, then we all win."

Leaf gave NewsChannel 10 this statement, "I've been in Vancouver British Columbia at the inpatient facility and have continued with therapy, support programs, and meetings, and its a giant community you get involved with."

Farren says if Leaf violates his probation, he could face up to ten years in prison for each of the two charges.