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Push for Minority Jobs

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Potter County needs to do a better job of representing our area's demographics according to the Commissioner's Court.

This morning Potter County Commissioners brought up their thoughts on what they expect to be a much more diverse population after the census comes out. 

"I think we're going to see some growth in the county and I think we're going to see some changes in the demographics and that will be interesting to see. Who knows what it will be," says Assistant County Attorney David Kemp says.

But Commissioner Alfonso Vaughn wants to make sure if more minorities are in the county, than more minorities can get jobs working for the county.

"As we become more of a melting pot in this community and we see it throughout the country it just makes more sense to get as much as you can from those individuals that will bring more things to the table."

And right now certain demographics are under-represented in Potter County positions says Kemp.

"Basically it looks like we are a little short with Asian employees and a little short with black employees."

In-fact recent numbers show the county is made up of 12 percent African Americans. But only 5 percent of Potter County workers are black.

But neither Kemp, nor Vaughn want anyone to get a job based on their race. "We're saying that we still want to hire the most qualified employee. But we certainly want to be sure that everyone in the county that's qualified, we can get a look at," Kemp says.

But the county is still waiting on information from the census to put a plan in to action. 

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