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Skinner execution stay reaction

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Huntsville, TX--A convicted killer from Pampa will have one extra chance to save his life.

It was just a few minutes before they were supposed to walk us in to witness the execution.

But the U.S. Supreme court came down with a stay.

Leaving many to wonder what took so long.

Prison Officials say he was almost through with his last meal before he got his stay.

Skinner's daughter Natalie believes the extra DNA testing the court called for will prove he's innocent but she can't believe after years of requesting it the green light came down just a few minutes before the execution.

"I get mad. I want people to hurry up, it's like come on now, it don't take people much to do the right thing,"she said.

Governor Rick Perry also had the opportunity to stop Wednesday execution but his office stayed away from the issue leaving it up to the U.S. Supreme court.

"Shame on Rick Perry. Shame on Texas. That's all I can say because I'm not proud to be a Texan when Governor Perry rejected this stay,"said Delia Perez Myer, death penalty protester.

A former death row inmate at the protest who had been cleared himself says this is all typical of what he calls the death machine.

"I witnessed this for nineteen years. With my own eyes while I was on death row. All of these young men go to their deaths with similar circumstances with available evidence that wasn't touched,"said Curtis McCarthy.

For now Skinner will be transferred back to a holding cell where he says in his own words, "I'm eager to get this DNA testing so I can prove my innocence and get the hell out of here."