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Skinner Execution, Family Friend Speaks Out

Hank Skinner Hank Skinner
Tara Bradley Tara Bradley

Huntsville, TX -- In less than 24 hours a Pampa death row inmate will be dead.

More than 16 years after the triple murder, Hank Skinner will be put to death Wednesday evening.

For one person who knew him well, it's a day that's been too long in the making.

"If it had to happen, I wish I had done it because I wouldn't have done it like that,"said Convicted killer Hank Skinner.

Now close family friend Tara Bradley is speaking out.

"He truly deserves what he's gonna get. he really can see it in his eyes, even when you interviewed him, he was just awful, awful. and I've seen him beat her. literally, beat her," she said.

Skinner was found guilty of beating and stabbing to death his girlfriend Twila and her two sons Randolph and Elwin.

"He would just be so mean and vulgar to her, and tell her that she was worthless, the kids were worthless. that she wasn't even worth living," said Bradley.

She says Twila came to her many times for help trying to get away from Skinner.

"He beat her, beat the kids so badly that she was scared to death that he was going to kill her."

Despite Skinner's multiple failed attempts of appealing the verdict, Bradley says she has no doubt Skinner did it.

"All this DNA stuff is just bull. He's just trying to pull every stop he can from being executed."

And tomorrow, she'll be happy he's dead.

"The death penalty is rough, but he's getting easy. He is just gonna be put to sleep. He's not going to stabbed and hurt like she was and her sons watched him do it to her,"she said.

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