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Got an Outstanding Warrant? Amarillo Police Are Looking for You

Officer DeWayne Griffin, APD Officer DeWayne Griffin, APD
Cpl. Scott Chappell, APD Cpl. Scott Chappell, APD

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo Police hit the streetson Monday, trying to track down people with outstanding warrants. 

About a dozen Amarillo Police set out this morning around nine to try and find those who, despite several warnings, haven't yet made it to the Municipal Court building to pay their fines.

One of the men out on the streets tracking people down was officer DeWayne Griffin... It was his first year behind the wheel in an Amarillo warrant roundup. He tells us it wasn't quite what he was expecting.

"The amount of money these people owe the city. They're probably running and hiding and stuff. You probably would expect those people to hide and run for you if they owe a lot of money." 

What surprised him, he said, was that only two out of the eight people they tried to track down this morning attempted to hide from them. He went out with two other policemen.

One of them, Cpl. Scott Chappell says, "We're encouraging them to either pay their fines or turn themselves in. We're going out, contacting these people. Either bringing them to jail or in this most recent case, we had the lady come down and actually pay her fine."

That woman became one of nearly 3,000 people who've paid up and cleared their name... There are still 25,000 more outstanding warrants. 

The policemen we rode with say the hardest part is tracking them down... Many don't stay in one place for long or they don't have a steady job, which makes finding them all the more challenging.

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