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Pantex resumes operation after hours of lock down

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Steve Erhart, Pantex Site Office Manager Steve Erhart, Pantex Site Office Manager

By: Michelle Langowski
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Officials with Pantex say issues have been resolved that resulted in a potential security concern early this morning.

According to the Carson County Sheriff, two hunters were spotted this morning just south of the Pantex site by some employees as they headed into work.

Pantex officials have not confirmed the cause of concern, but stated that during this event, there was not a threat to plant workers or the public.

For three hours this morning Pantex was completely shut down both inside and out after information was conveyed by employees of potential security threat.

Officials deemed that a credible source of information and followed up.

Video from this morning shows the plant's coordination with DPS and local law enforcement as part of their emergency response operation.

"The information that was given to the Pantex site was deemed credible and so when we get to that point, we take the precautions that we're taken," said Pantex Site Office Manager, Steve Erhart.

Sweeps of the entire facility were completed and employees began to phase back into normal operations around 11 o'clock this morning.

"As always we air on the side of conservatism. Thankfully we had found nothing of to be concerned with the plant. At all times the plant was safe and stable," Erhart added.

The shut down of the perimeter gained quite a bit of attention.

"I cant remember the last time we just shut down the entire plant down, but it's just in order to make sure we air on the side of conservatism."

Pantex says they will continue to investigate any and all leads and reports given to them.