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Special needs catered to in Amarillo

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Carrie Lesley, Unique Individuals Day Care Carrie Lesley, Unique Individuals Day Care
Pediatrician Dr. Rolf Habersang Pediatrician Dr. Rolf Habersang

By: Michelle Langowski
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - The growing number of children born with special needs places an increased strain on both schools and families.

Whether your child has autism, ADD, neurological problems or a physical handicap...children with special needs require extra attention and care.

And that is what Unique Individuals Day Care focuses on.

The rapidly increasing number of kids born with special needs is catching some communities off-guard...

"Its growing day by day, the schools cant keep up and give them individual care that they require," said owner and director Carrie Lesley.

Each classroom's environment is sensory and exploration oriented...and equipped with video, so parents can watch their children learn throughout the day.

"Its going to make them feel safe, give them the peace of mind that they're getting the education and care all in one place," said Lesley.

And one pediatrician says having caretakers who understand their needs is essential - for both the child and their family.

"Its a systemic type of problem, so every little bit we can do certainly helps that child and that family. Because one of the side-effects of this because the stress is so high is that these families break up," said Pediatrician Dr. Rolf Habersang. 

Lesley added, "they can do anything any other child can do, it just might take them a little more time."

Unique Individuals will hold their open house tomorrow afternoon.

The state-of-the-art facility is already close to their 190 kid capacity, evidence of how great the demand is here,