2009 Most Clicked

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - With 2010 just a day away we spent the day researching our web site to find out what stories you clicked on the most this year.

Coming in at number Ten was our coverage of a fire in Tulsa that destroyed two buildings and caused severe damage to three other businesses.

Number nine comes from earlier this month. Two local men took off in a plane from Amarillo's Tradewind Airport and never made it to their destination. Their plane crashed just off the coast of Port Mansfield and the bodies were found near the crash.

The 8th most clicked was no more cheerful. Two women died in a head on collision this past August near Bushland on I-40.

Coming in at number Seven a story involving robbery,assault, and murder. A man was arrested for firing shots inside the Spotted Pony Bar in November. One man was killed and a female patron was sexually assaulted.

Six comes from Panhandle High School after former country music singer Daron Norwood supposedly yelled at students in an obscene way during an assembly. Finally a teacher pulled the fire alarm to end the speech.

Number Five saw a riot break out in downtown Amarillo after a bar fight spilled out into the streets.

The fourth most clicked on story of the year was the area's largest grass fire of the year near Wheeler which burned over 15-thousand acres.

Number three was the capture of Amador Lujan Lomeli. He's believed by police to have shot an killed a man outside of Buster's lounge in Amarillo.

Number two involves a firey crash on Interstate 27. A man set his car on fire and then crashed into a pillar. This incident was ruled a suicide.

And the number one story of 2009 as clicked on by you the viewer... The Bushland Gas Pipeline Explosion that destroyed one home and sent flames more then 700 feet in the air.