Diamond ring truly lost and found...forty years later

By: Michelle Langowski
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - A ring lost over forty years ago has been returned to it's wearer.

Joyce Davis had taken off her engagement ring one morning while making breakfast for her family and placed it in the back of their kitchen cabinet.

"I had accepted the fact that it was gone. I had thought I had thoroughly scoured those cabinets looking for it and had gone through all the trash and in the floor. I had no idea, it just disappeared," said Joyce.

The Davis family has since moved from that home and started over.

But early Christmas morning they received an unexpected phone call...the owner of their previous home had found something very special.

"All I could do was start crying, which I never thought I would cry another tear because I had cried so many when I lost it."

And sure enough, it was the same ring her husband Russell had placed on her finger in 1963...a true Christmas miracle.

"It was kind of unique set of circumstances when you think of the history of that traveling ring and the 40 year trek it took to get back to where it belongs," said her husband Russell.

So, after forty years, both Joyce and Russell say this ring brings back so many memories and they are thankful for the time and effort one man put into making this dream come true.