Amy Mahan

Amy Mahan
Personal Trainer with Gold's Gym since October 2004

Certification: AFAA, CPR, AED

Education: Amarillo College with study in Radiograph

Experience: I've worked at Metabolic Research as a weight-loss consultant. My experience with weight loss programs made me realize that no matter what you do, it is essential to exercise while maintaining a healthy diet. THere is no such thing as a successful "Fad Diet" and supplements are not miracles in a bottle.

Hobbies: Cooking, watching movies, reading and traveling

Philosophy on Exercise: Exercise is not only important for maintaining a healthy weight, but it is a tool to channel your energy and frustrations towards something that can benefit you. It is great for mind, body and spirit, plus adds strength to one's state of being. It is not a temporary fix, but a way of life.

My Goal for My Clients: Ultimately I want my clients to gain knowledge, self-awareness and an understanding of what it is we're doing during our sessions. I want them to measure the intensity for comparison so that they can get a good workout on their own.