Cabs a safer option for holiday drinkers

Corporal Jerry Neufeld of APD
Corporal Jerry Neufeld of APD
Kory "Ace" Sargent of Ace's Taxi Service
Kory "Ace" Sargent of Ace's Taxi Service

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It's not worth hitting or killing someone by driving drunk.  That's the message from the Amarillo Police Department as the holiday season continues and New Year's eve comes this week.

Police say you should plan to have a designated driver, to stay where you're drinking, or to hire a taxi.

Mike Yazbek of Yellow Cab Company likes the Holiday, "New Years is taxi driver heaven. It's our busiest day of the year."

Taxi Cab companies may see a lot of business over the New Year holiday, but it's in everyone's interest that they see more.  He says, "If you're out driving it's amateur night. The amateur drinkers are out so there will be a lot more people acting foolish."

Kory "Ace" Sargent of Ace's Taxi Service says, "I know taxis can get expensive but it's a whole lot cheaper than a DWI or fatality. You know I've lost several family members from DWI.

The Amarillo Police Department made seven arrests last year for DWI. This year Potter County is instituting a procedure change because of a drunk driving incident. And APDreceived a grant this year for extra patrols.  Corporal Jerry Neufeld of APD says, "Even if you've had just a couple of drinks people don't realize how much alcohol affect their driving. It's not worth going to jail and it's definitely not worth hitting or killing someone."

And cab companies are seeing more accidents.  Sargent says, "We've noticed there have been a whole lot more accidents every night. We see fire trucks, ambulances and evidence of wrecks everywhere."

And because everybody in the cab needs to wear a seatbelt, they say if you have more than four in your group you should order two cabs.