Truckers Helping Truckers

Rusty Wade
Rusty Wade

Amarillo, TX - It's been a rough week for Arrow truck drivers all over the nation. Last Monday, just five days before Christmas. All drivers working for the Arrow trucking company received the same message in their big rigs. "Arrow is currently suspending all operations. Our fuel accounts have been shut off and we're asking drivers to turn in their trucks to the nearest freightliner dealership," which was the message all drivers received. And that was it. 14 hundred drivers nationwide were without a job.

Californian Frank Davilla was in Myrtle Beach dropping off his cargo. More than 3-thousand miles from home. "Our Christmas present was like. Merry Christmas. Unemployed. No check. Sorry. They just left us high and dry."

And on Christmas Eve just when things seemed the bleakest for Frank. A modern day miracle occurred. And it came in the form of another truck driver. "On the 24th he knocked on my door and told me here. Come to the fuel pump. That gentleman put 200 gallons of fuel in my truck at no cost to me," says Davilla.

That gentleman's name is Rusty Wade, a fellow truck driver who lives by a code his grandfather taught him: a little something called pay it forward.

"The next guy he meets that needs help. He owes them. He doesn't owe me anything. He owes them because they need the help," says Wade.

And now that Davilla has enough money to make it back to California. He says he won't hesitate to help any other trucker in need. "It's called pay it forward. I don't care if it's a cup of coffee. A shower or a ride home."