The Latest on Highway 287

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

Wichita Falls, TX - Newschannel 10 spoke with several people stuck on the 287 who say it's already been the worst Christmas ever. And they haven't even arrived at their destination yet.

The roads are packed with ice and snow. Making travel even a day later very difficult. One man told NewsChannel 10 that the only Department of Transportation vehicles he saw trying to help... Wound up needing help themselves.

"At least two that I know of there were vehicles. DOT vehicles that were trying to clear a path. And salt and sand and everything else that were literally stuck," says Brian Henderson

The Iowa Park Police Department tells us they opened one lane as soon as they could this morning. However the man we spoke with says large semi trucks were having trouble with the icy conditions. Which in turn caused more of a backup.

"I mean you see trucks spinning and trying to get traction in some way. But sitting there all night they just kind of made their own rutts. And it was hard for them to get out of it this morning."

Henderson said people were trying to stay in good spirits any way possible. He saw families eating the food they were supposed to bring to Christmas dinner, just to have food last night.

He also saw children making the best of the situation by building snowmen. But one thing he never saw was anyone from the National Guard. Only highway Patrol men directing traffic every few miles.