Local Road Conditions

Amarillo, TX - It was an awfully interesting day for not only motorists but for some people who chose to stay home. That's because 2,500 homes reported having no power Thursday morning in the Amarillo area.

Excell Energy says they restored power to around 2,000 of those customers by noon. But high winds continued to take down lines throughout the day causing new outages.

Motorists all over the Panhandle also saw trouble today. But not just from the snowfall. Once again it was wind that kicked up powder for the good majority of the day. Giving rise to little or no visibility especially in the southeast Panhandle.

Newschannel 10 spoke with one driver who was caught in a white out on the 287 near Childless. "You actually could not see the front of the car. You couldn't see a white line anywhere. All you could do was go 15-20 miles and hour and hope that you were on the road."

TxDOT says the white-out conditions in the southeast Panhandle were so bad that travel was nearly impossible. And some motorists were stranded for hours. Now that crews are back out working to make the roads safe.  TxDOT says it's best to stay out of their way.

"Our folks are out there risking their lives and they don't need the added problem of motorists trying to get somewhere too fast and over-driving the conditions.

Conditions did improve throughout the afternoon, But those frigid temperatures could make for ice on the roadways. So TxDOT is still asking you to please, take it slow out there.