Stranded on Highway 287

Wichita Falls, TX - According to the CBS affiliate in Wichita Falls a few wrecks have caused hundreds to be stranded alongside highway 287 for more than 8 hours. The main backup is from Electra to Henrietta with the heaviest volume happening in the Wichita Falls.

One viewer called NewsChannel 10 to say they are stranded in the Iowa Park area and haven't moved since 11:30 Thursday morning.  Sources tell us that some TxDOT vehicles became stuck in an attempt to aid stranded motorists.

We're being told that The National Guard is on the ground with 10 Humvees. Officials in Burkburnett, north of Wichita falls, say the Air Force has sent out five vehicles from Sheppard Air Force base to aid in the rescue.

The community center in that town is being opened up as a shelter for people stranded. The local Red Cross tells us that their chapter in Wichita... Henrietta... and Iowa park are open for anyone involved. Also The Red Cross chapter in Vernon is on stand by if necessary.