Travel discouraged on 287 between Amarillo and Wichita Falls

It seems the winter storm hit roads the hardest in east and southeast parts of the area.

Law enforcement in the southeast Texas panhandle as well as TxDOT in Childress strongly discourage travel for anyone on the 287 between Amarillo and Wichita Falls.

They also say the I-40 is dangerous between Amarillo and the Oklahoma state line.

The snowfall is causing slippery conditions but the major problem so far today has been the wind.

It's causing white outs that TxDOT says is making travel in these area's nearly impossible.

A number of motorists have become stranded already and TxDOT says conditions may make it hours before crews can reach them.

Some state vehicles and snow plows in that area have been pulled from the roadways because of these conditions but we're being told that crews will be back out in full force as soon as weather permits.