Local Adoption Need

Ryan Cody


Amarillo, TX - Many local children are asking for a family this Christmas. This is the time of year when most of us couldn't dream of being away from family. But for some children a family is just that, a dream.

"We all go home for Christmas and for Thanksgiving and for New Years. And when you don't have anywhere to go what are you going to do? what will you build off of? and who are you going to get that family support with?" says Adoption Specialist Johanna Payne.

Local recruiters hope that support can come from people willing to become foster parents. "Hopefully people will open their hearts and see that there's kids who may not be your own kids but they can become your own kids. And they definitely need homes," Payne says.

In fact 278 children in the Amarillo and Lubbock area are without families this Christmas. "They want a Mom and Dad. Sisters and Brothers. They want somewhere that they can have their personal belongings. And call their home. Especially around Christmas when everything's about family," says Laura Johnson Brown of CPS.

Meaning that the need for loving foster parents is great all the time. But especially during the holiday season.