Arrow Trucking rigs dropped off at Freightliner

Josh Sluder, Amarillo Truck Center
Josh Sluder, Amarillo Truck Center

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Truckers are calling it an unprecedented move.  Drivers from Arrow Trucking are being asked to leave their rigs and their loads at the nearest Freightliner shop.

So far three rigs have been left at the Freightliner at Whitaker and I-40.  That company is connected with Daimler Financial Services who have essentially secured their collateral from Arrow Trucking.

Josh Sluder of Amarillo Truck Center, the local Freightliner shop says, "Arrow Trucking in Tulsa, we have received emails that they want us to accept trucks as they bring them to us and just secure the trucks, secure the loads, and help the drivers get home safely."

Sluder says he's expecting to see more rigs dropped off after the Christmas holiday.

Some truckers say its not uncommon to give drivers a bus ticket if they've been fired on the job but multiple layoffs are rare.