Amarillo Police Officer attacked responding to a call

Amarillo, TX --  An Amarillo teenager sits in jail accused of hitting a police officer with his pick-up.

Amarillo Police say it started just after midnight Wednesday with a robbery call from the Toot N Totum in the 1400 block of Amarillo Boulevard East.

Officers saw the three suspects run into an alley with beer.

They chased them behind the store, where the pick-up came to pick up the suspects.

That driver came up behind the officer, hit him knocking him to the ground, and then took off.

Other officers chased them to the 3600 block of Northeast 24th Avenue, where the driver lost control and crashed.

Police arrested four people in total.

The teen driver faces aggravated assault on a peace officer charges.

The only adult in the group, 17 year old Daniel Sosa, faces evading arrest and organized criminal activity charges.

The officer went to the hospital for treatment.

Doctors have since released him