Texas County Upgrades 9-1-1 System

Captain Michael Babb
Captain Michael Babb

By Irma Murillo
NewsChannel 10

Guymon, OK--If you call 9-1-1 in Texas County, using a cell phone, emergency crews may not find you right away.

But that is soon to change.

Texas County's emergency response system is undergoing a makeover. Over the next two weeks, a new GPS map of Guymon will be drawn. The mapping of the rest of the county will take an additional six weeks.

This information is part of the new 9-1-1 system officials will use to locate an emergency. They say this enhancement is critical for the area, as more people move away from using land lines.

"With cell phones, as they came in more and more, when people called we had no idea where they were at," Captain Michael Babb explained. "Eventually, in phase two, they will be able to tell us within 75 to 100 yards of actually where that cell phone is at."

The system will also provide landmarks, street signs and building descriptions to pin-point the exact location of the emergency.

Babb estimates the project will take six months to complete.

The upgrade is paid for in part by a wireless surcharge approved by Texas County voters last year.