Gun and Ammunition Recall

Panhandle Gunslingers Owner Charli Stokes
Panhandle Gunslingers Owner Charli Stokes

By: Michelle Langowski
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - If a gun or ammunition is an item on your Christmas list this year, you may want to listen up to this reminder.

A notice was sent in August informing firearm users of a gun and ammunition recall.

Panhandle Gunslingers owner, Charli Stokes says this recall applies towards semi-automatic rifles, including the Remington model 597 17hmr firearm and Magnum Lite 17hmr.

"It's still OK to shoot the 17hmr in revolver and bolt action guns, just in the semi-autos there is a problem. And the manufacturers of those guns have recalled them."

These gun manufacturers stated this recall was issued because use of this ammunition is not suitable for use in semi-automatic firearms.