Local Bar Surge for Cowboys Game

Amarillo, TX - Some local sports bars spent the day gearing up for a huge night in business. If you're a cable subscriber then there's no chance you're watching tonight's Dallas Cowboys game. Meaning you had to either go to a friend's house or come out to bar to catch the game.

Chad Work of Buffalo Wild Wings says "I expect it to be the rowdiest crowd we've ever had for a Cowboys game.

That's because not only are expert's saying it's the most important game for the Cowboys so far. But many people won't get it in the comfort of their own homes. Like Donnie Shamblin who came out at 1:30 for an all day affair.

"I feel if they don't win tonight they're out of it. I'm a huge cowboys fan and I felt like we should get here early and get a good seat."

Getting a good seat may not be an easy thing to do anywhere in town. Hummer's in Amarillo was also prepared for a big night. "Being on NFL Network a lot of people aren't going to get it at home so iIthink we're going to see quite a bit of traffic tonight," says manager Keith Schroder.

And they wanted to make sure they were ready for the crowd. He said, "We definitely brought in extra guys for staff and we boosted up the kitchen. We did a little extra prep work to get ready for it."  Buffalo Wild Wings has been standing room only since before the game started.

So it seems like restaurant managers around town were right in preparing for a big night of business. The Cowboys ended up winning the game 24-17.