Joint Alliance For Students to lose home

by Larry Lemmons
Newschannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The Joint Alliance for Students is losing its home after all.

The Joint Alliance for Students has been operating out of the old Desperado's building at 15th and Madison. That building has been owned by Cornerstone Outreach but they sold it this month. However, Stan Scofield, founder of the alliance, says he feels betrayed by Cornerstone's Executive Director, Joe Kirkwood.

Earlier this week Stan Scofield says he was notified by Cornerstone Outreach that they'd sold the building and the organization would have to vacate before January First.  Sofield says,  "We were under the impression we had the building until July of 2010, so we started moving forward, making plans."

But there's been no written contract to that effect.

Joe Kirkwood says, "We've had several different buyers during this past year that have come forward that wanted to buy the building. One of them was a church located in the area."

Scofield paid insurance and made payments to Cornerstone. He says the sale went through partly because he and his students cleaned the place up and says they should at least receive some of that money back.

Jerry Morales, JAS board member says, "We were able to increase this building's worth and that's going to benefit them."

But Cornerstone says they've been very generous allowing the organization a temporary home, and, in fact, have offered to house them now at Cornerstone.

Kirkwood says, "And we've offered them free rent in the building, just asked them for some help with the utilities they use."

But Scofield says no.  "The way our two organizations meet, dealing with youth, with kids, it's impossible for that to work."

The problem comes down to a disagreement over what had been agreed on verbally. Scofield says Kirkwood agreed to work with them to keep the place. Kirkwood says he gave Scofield the opportunity to buy it.