Local Nuclear Weapon Study

Canyon, TX - Engineering students in our area are now doing professional research with Pantex. As B and W Pantex works to ensure the safety of America's nuclear weapons. Students at WT are gaining valuable experience doing research for the government.

Machinery in the Engineering Department at WT was given by Pantex to research a better way to coat explosives with plastic. This allows those explosives to be safely molded into different shapes.

"Finding a better way to coat that material will give us a more uniform result. It may be faster and even less expensive." says Dr. Janice Tolk of Pantex. And these students are getting this experience at the undergraduate level. Whereas these types of programs are generally reserved by graduate students. But Dr. Tolk believes this is win-win situation.

"They get to work with us to see what it's like in the real world doing real chemistry research of engineering or whatever their field is and then we get the use of their bright minds."

And the Pantex name will hopefully give those bright minds a chance for future job opportunities.  Professor Emily Hunt of WT says "a lot of our students are local. They're from here and they want to stay here so having experience with Pantex. TThat'sgoing to help them."

Which could be the difference some of these students need to get a job in their field. As well as make important scientific findings.