Pet Daycare

Daycare is an exciting alternative to leaving your pet at home alone. Your pet plays with us daily in our deluxe outdoor play yards and indoor gym. The exercise and  socialization is good for him/her and you'll be pleased with a pet that is ready to relax with you at home. Daycare includes several hours of activity, nap, and a snack.

Full-Day Activities, $20
Half-Day Activities, $15

Prepaid Tuition Rates:
10 Pack (Visit any 10 times), $175
Monthly Tuition (Unlimited), $275

Treat your pet to an hour of play while you run errands, or stay and watch the fun!

One-Hour Playgroup, $10
Prepaid Six Pack, $50

Any pet remaining in playgroup after one hour will be enrolled in daycare until pickup.

All applicants for daycare or playgroup will be assessed before admittance into off-leash group  play.