Other Services at Le Chateau

A La Carte Amenities
These services may be added to your pet's stay. Or, you can choose one at no additional charge with any premium suite.

Exclusive Play Yard Daily Access, $5 per day. Your pet gets the whole play yard or gym all to him/herself several times a day. Perfect for someone that doesn't enjoy group play or a family of pets of various sizes to play with each other.

Cuddle Time or Individual Playtime with Pet Care Supervisor, $5 per day. Your pet gets personal play or cFrisbeeime with the pet care supervisor every day. Perfect for some extra ball or frisbee time!

Daily Pool Access, $5 per day. Your pet enjoys access to our inground pool and rock pond every day.

Other Available Services
Gourmet Treat, $2 per day. Included with Premium Suite.

Web Visit, $3 per stay. Option available with Premium Suite. Access our webcams into the play yards and gyms.

Toy Allowance, $8 per day. Your pet receives a cool new toy to enjoy from our boutique. Must specify daily or every other day service.

Before or After Hours Drop Off, $50 for first pet and $15 for each additional pet.

Before or After Hours Pick Up, $30 for first pet and $15 for each additional pet.

Pet Portraits, Call for details.
Capture the personality of your pet through professional paintings or photographs.

Parties & Coordination, $50 for 2 hours plus $15 per guest. Let our party coordinators help you plan a fun-filled party for your pets in our play yards. Our pet supervisors will help assure all guests have a good time. We do the clean up! Also, record your pet's view of the event with our Rover Cam for just $15. Or, enroll your pet for our holiday-themed daycare parties complete with cake, games and party favors!