Texas has seen what Washington is experiencing

by Larry Lemmons
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas -  Representative John Smithee is the Chairman of the state House Committee on insurance. He says the wrangling in Congress over the Health Care Bill has been seen in Texas. "We've been dealing with many of the issues they've been talking about, we've been dealing with in Texas, at lease I have since the early nineties... to some extent what they're finding is the same thing we've found. You can come up with some ideas that sound great but a lot of times those ideas don't work as well."

For example, the notion that people can't get insurance for pre-existing conditions.  He says, "What we found in Texas, years ago, was that if you force companies to sell insurance to people with pre-existing conditions, people will simply not buy insurance until they need it."

Then there's the problem of a national health plan, "the ability to compete by the private market with a government run entity, it just doesn't work."

Smithee says there are two issues in the Texas Legislature that are being sponsored.  "I think you try to make insurance work for people who have insurance. Secondly, you try to deal with your uninsured population."

In Texas that means primarily the hispanic population.