Cause of the Bushland Explosion

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

Bushland, TX -We now know what caused the gas pipeline in Bushland to explode last month. Upward force on a weak area in the pipe called a lamination is being blamed for the pipeline explosion that destroyed one home and sent a family to the hospital.

Almost two months later  Richard Wheatley of El Paso Natural Gas says the existing is safe and residents shouldn't be worried about a repeat incident. "We have no concerns with the pipeline. We were instructed by FEMA to do certain inspections as part of their corrective action plan. Which we are doing or have accomplished already."

After assessing the expected growth of that area, El Paso has decided to move the pipeline just west of its current location. "We were going to have to come back and put in stronger pipe and also pipe that would meet the federal regulations for the population, so in lue of waiting one year or whenever those 2 homes are built we thought we'd be proactive."

And move the pipeline now so it won't be within 400 feet of any home. Including the house of Greg Collins who is worried about his property value.

"I talked to the realtor who sold me this house and he spoke to his broker and they were talking about a 20 to 30 percent loss."

Which El Paso says they're concerned about property values too and are prepared to do a property value study if necessary. El Paso says construction involved with re-routing the line will begin this spring. But surveyors are already working on those plans.