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Bushland Explosion Cause Released

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By KFDA Assignments Desk

Bushland, Texas - Officials with the El Paso Natural Gas Corporation have released the cause of the pipeline explosion in Bushland on the morning of November 5th.

A report on their website says the rupture "was a result of an upward force on the branch connection that put pressure on a small area on the carrier pipe that contained a 'lamination.'" They say "the force on the lamination caused a fracture to develop near the weld of the branch connection to the carrier pipe resulting in the rupture."

Officials at El Paso Natural Gas say there was no corrosion involved in the rupture, nor were there any defects in the weld between the branch connection and carrier pipe.

We will bring you more detailed information on the cause of the explosion, plus the plans El Paso Natural Gas has for the future of the pipeline in the Prairie West subdivision.

Stay tuned to newschannel10.com for the latest information. 

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