Local Hero

Amarillo, TX - One local family were able to escape their burning home late last night.  They have one of their own to thank that no one was injured. The fire started just before 12 last night and what happened next can only be attributed to an act of heroism.

Nine-year-old Johnny Peralez was in the living room of his Amarillo home,

"I was sleeping and my grandma came and woke me up. And then I just saw a bunch of smoke and I couldn't see anything."

And when the family learned of the fire going on in the back bedroom. Johnny used some of the skills that he learned in the Amarillo Fire Department's Fire Safety House to get everyone out alive.

"We hope that nobody ever has to use what we're teaching them but in this case they did have to. And of coarse it does make us feel good."

Captain Bob Johnson of the Amarillo Fire Department says they stress the importance of these programs for situations just like this one. "You have just one job. Get out. Now if you have children you need to get them out because we can't rely on children in that way. Although he did a great job. He even got the adults out."

Including his grandfather, who Johnny showed how to crawl underneath the smoke to keep from breathing in any toxins. That knowledge may have very well saved his family.

His mother Diana said "You never know when something like this is going to happen. And even if it never happens you need to know what to do and that you can do something about it.

The Fire Safety House makes a stop at every elementary school in Amarillo.