2009 Food Bank Drive Shatters Records

Zack Wilson, High Plains Food Bank
Zack Wilson, High Plains Food Bank

by: Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - It's been a record breaking week for the High Plains Food Bank.

The Together We Can Food Drive is being called an unbelievable success.

For the first time ever the food bank not only met, but exceeded it's goals for both food and money this year.

We're talking about 71,000 pounds of food and nearly $50,000. Compare that to their goal of 24,000 pounds of food and $40,000 and you'll see why organizers are calling it a smashing success.

Even so, they're stressing the importance of continued donations of both food and money throughout the year.

Zack Wilson with the food bank says, "We need to be prepared for the worst. We need this food to come out on a monthly basis. We need 400-thousand pounds of food a month or more to offset what we send out."

The need for food always increases around this time of year, but these past few months have been busier than ever.

Wilson says they've seen nearly a 40% increase in need from last year.

If you would like to donate and weren't able to make it out to the food drive last week, there will be barrels at United Supermarkets all over Amarillo and Canyon.