Robinett Family Reacts

Sunray, TX - As the death of Harvey Kinikin's passenger Robert James Robinett is confirmed. His family mourns their loss. The last time Robert Robinett spoke with a member of his immediate family was Thursday afternoon.

"Their big deal was to go deep sea fishing. They were excited. They were supposed to go on Thanksgiving but it got canceled so they went then," Robert's teary eyes sister said.

But Robinett never got to cast a line on his fishing trip. His plane vanished from radar just before midnight on Thursday and his remains were found just off the coast of Port Mansfield Friday afternoon.

"Just a great guy. Full of knowledge. And anything you needed done he would do it for you," says Robinett's nephew Chad.

Robinett's 18-year old son Devin prepared a statement for his cousin to read, "please remember him for all the rowdy moments. As well as all the good things. Like building churches. Helping with all kinds of different 4-h projects. Yelling at bad referee's. Going, watching and supporting all sports. Theatre band and any other thing me and my sister and family were involved in."

Robinett spent much of his time serving his community and helping others. And as his sister says he had plans to continue his great work "I talked to my sister-in-law Yvette (Robert's Wife) last night. She said one of his goals was to go on a mission trip with his family. That's what he wanted to do."

When Robert's father was asked to say some of his favorite memories of his son he replied...

"If I did that it would take up the entire show."