Local Census Preparation

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX -It's almost time for you to help give Amarillo the government funding it deserves. There's just over three months until census day but plans are already being worked out locally to ensure the maximum amount of participation.

"The census information collected is used for statistical information only. But it's how 400 billion dollars each year is allocated based off the numbers that they collect from census," says Kayce Carter of the U.S. Census Bureau.

Those numbers are used for ten years until the next census. Which means the funding your area receives over the next decade will be based on your participation. Potter County Judge Arthur Ware says, "The more people that are counted the more money that your going to get from that big pot of divided money so we want to make sure that we get out fair share."

And the Census Bureau says it's easy to do. Just ten simple questions and the form is all set.  And a major concern is getting all undocumented people's to participate as well. Because they also live here, and they don't have to worry about legal trouble.

"They're not going to deport you if you're here illegally. They're just trying to get numbers," says Judge Ware.

Those numbers will mean better funding for your area.