Troubled Juveniles Forgo Rewards to Help Food Bank

Residential Counselor Erin Wyrick
Residential Counselor Erin Wyrick

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - Giving up privileges to help hungry families... The Youth Center of the High Plains is doing just that. The residents are helping the High Plains Food Bank.

When we say privileges we're talking about things like Cokes, candy and movies... All things the kids at the youth center would purchase with coupons they earned for obeying the rules.

But, for the past three weeks, they've forgone those privileges and are instead putting those coupons towards food for the high plains food bank.

Residential Counselor Erin Wyrick says, "These kids are here because they've made bad choices. They're great kids, they've made some bad choices and so we hope by doing this they learn to feel what it's like to serve others and get that good feeling. Also, it gives them a chance to give back to a community they've taken from."

Here's how it works... Local sponsors have chipped in all the money, so three coupons equals one can of food.

The kids counted up the coupons on Thursday... And had enough to buy 1500 cans of food, which is more than any of them say they thought would be possible in their wildest dreams.