Public Health Authority Bell Resigns

Dr.Todd Bell
Dr.Todd Bell
City spokeswoman Donna Makkhavane
City spokeswoman Donna Makkhavane

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo's public health authority has resigned.

We received word late Thursday afternoon that Dr. Todd Bell turned in his resignation to the City of Amarillo.

Dr. Bell had been at that post since early this year.  He officially resigned two weeks ago, but the public was not notified until Thursday.

The City of Amarillo says it was up to Texas Tech, where Dr. Bell is a physician, to announce his resignation.  But they apparently were taking too long.

City spokeswoman Donna Makkhavane says, "we announced it because the media's been calling about it and we felt it was probably time and we sent the email to Dr. Bell and he said it was good."

We talked with Texas Tech and they say the city is to blame for the delay in the announcement.

So, neither side is owning up to why it took so long.

News of Dr. Bell's resignation comes on the heels of our report Wednesday that Dr. Bell surrendered his DEA license two weeks ago.  All we know right now is Dr. Bell resigned for personal reasons.