City Accepts Public Health Authority's Resignation

Press Release:

City Accepts Public Health Authority's Resignation

On Friday, November 23, 2009, Dr. Todd Bell, Health Authority for the Bi-City County Health District submitted his resignation as Health Authority to the Board of Health Chairman, Kenneth Crossland, DDS and City Manager Alan Taylor; which was accepted.

"Dr. Bell has served and performed exceptionally well as Health Authority for the Bi-County Health District and the City of Amarillo during this tenure.  His efforts related to the H1N1 outbreak in April and H1N1 public health response efforts the past several months have been truly outstanding, "said Alan Taylor, City Manager.

"It was with much regret to accept his resignation.  The City staff and I wish him the very best in all his future endeavors," states Taylor.

Per established protocol, duties of Health Authority have been assumed by Shari Medford, MD, Deputy Health Authority.  The Health District also has a second appointed Deputy Health Authority, Ako Bradford, MD.  There is no impact expected on services provided by or under the Public Health Authority because of the medical expertise offered by Dr. Medford and Dr. Bradford.

The Bi-City County Health District and the City of Amarillo have started the process to select a new Public Health Authority.  Appointing a physician to perform the duties of Public Health Authority should be complete after the first of the year.