Local Tire Prices

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - New tires may set you back more then they ever have before, and if your riding those old tires longer then you want, you're not alone. It's been a few months since the U.S. Government approved a tax increase for all tires made in China.

All in an effort to boost the sale of American-made tires. But because of that move, business is down for Texas Tire and Tube.

"We're seeing our business being down approximately 25 percent all year and hopefully its going to get better," says Eddie Wynn who owns the business.

The tax is putting even more pressure on Eddie Wynn's bottom line. He see's customers everyday who can't afford a new set all at once. He says "families are buying two tires or one at a time and some are parking one car and keeping a couple still running."

And Michael Rodriguez had to buy new tires after waking up to a flat this morning, "I can really only afford to get two at this time. With the Christmas season coming up it really put a damper on things."

And some local tire dealers are telling me that the increase in price has almost killed their used tire sales. "The used tire market is basically 75 percent gone. We just can't get the tires. People are running them all the way down. In most cases their not good enough to put on another vehicle when they pull them off."

Which eliminates one of the only ways to save yourself money on tires.