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Fallen Military Hero's Family Boards Snowball Express

Teresa Houseal Teresa Houseal
Luzma Houseal Luzma Houseal

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - Their hope is to provide a few days of joy for families whose lives have been shattered by the loss of a loved one in the war on terror.

The Houseal family from Amarillo boarded the snowball express this morning. 

If you'll recall, the house al family lost a husband and father back in May, when a fellow soldier opened fire in a Baghdad stress clinic, killing Dr. Matthew Houseal.

On Wednesday, his widow and the six children he left behind embarked on an all-expense-paid getaway, in hopes of easing the pain of their loss, especially with Christmas less than three weeks away.

They boarded the American Airlines plane called the Snowball Express... Headed to Dallas, where they'll meet up with 1,300 other families of fallen heroes.

Luzma Houseal, Dr. Houseal's widow, says this is something her children really need. "Let them know that it's okay to have fun. And that we're going to have different memories from now on, but they can be good memories just like when Matt was alive."

They'll spend three days in the Metroplex and their schedule is packed... Meet and greets with the Cowboys players and cheerleaders, a trip to the Mesquite rodeo along with a special performance by CSI: New York's Gary Sinese.

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