Cops: Nurse Practitioner Being Investigated; Health Authority Surrenders Permit

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

Stratford, Texas - A Stratford nurse practitioner is under investigation by more than one agency.

Ward Palmer is the nurse practitioner at the Faith Family Medical Clinic in Stratford.

The police chief there confirmed to us Palmer is under investigation for his "day to day practices; the clinic as a whole is not.

Along with the police department, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Texas Rangers are also investigating palmer.

But it does not stop there.

The chief also says Dr. Todd Bell, our public health authority here in Amarillo, surrendered his DEA permit a couple of weeks ago.

The two are connected because nurse practitioners apparently must have a collaborative relationship with a doctor to run a clinc.

The chief stressed, though, Dr. Bell is not being investigated and there are no charges pending against him.

We also checked with the Texas Medical Board and it has no previous disciplinary action listed for Dr. Bell, nor does the Texas Nursing Board have any prior actions taken against Palmer.

We contacted Dr. Bell for a comment but have not heard back.