Premature Birth Program

Ryan Cody


Amarillo, TX - Expecting parents can feel better about their children's birth. Though it's in the preliminary stages, a new local program is helping parents feel better about their premature infant's chances. Whitley Gonzales and her week old daughter Mikaela are part of a new study for the parents of premature babies.

"You get to make your own little scrapbook. You can decorate and design it. You get to write down any piece of information that's important," Gonzales says.

Pictures of the baby are taken daily so as to accompany the parent's notes and feelings. "It helps you look back on the little perks throughout the days and that they weren't so bad. And what they were beneficial to."

Dr. Mohammad Subhani has played an integral role in the program. He's excited about the response knowing that a happy parent often leads to a successful and healthy discharge of their baby.

"Parents have shown an overwhelming response to the program because it's a lifetime treasure."

The parents active involvement in the program is something that seems to be giving them a piece of mind.Gonzalez loves taking part in the program, "I think it helps you get to your goal because it shows you the little improvements everyday."

Which helps Gonzales believe that Makaela will grow up to live a long life, after starting it so early. And due to the overwhelming response, the Department of Pediatrics at Amarillo's Texas Tech campus is asking for volunteers to help nurses with this activity.

If interested please call Dr. Candace Myers at 806-354-5582.