Texas cancer rate decreasing along with the country.

By: Michelle Langowski

Amarillo, TX--The country is making progress against cancer.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States and sadly, chances are there is someone you know who has or is battling some form of it...but according to a recent report, those numbers are declining.

The study showed the rates of new cancer cases and deaths continue to fall modestly each year in the United States.

Medical Oncologist Dr. Brian Pruitt says although it was a gradual change of less than one percent a year - it is an encouraging trend.

"If we can identify risk factors for the diseases and eliminate those risk factors then we will see fewer cases of cancer and then that of course would lead to fewer deaths."

Pruitt says the largest progress was seen with breast cancer and colon cancer, in part due to early detection.

He says these results are encouraging, but there are still some risk factors, like obesity, that are increasing.