Canyon Leaders Say City Entrance is "Too Ugly"

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Canyon, Texas - Some say it's driving business owners away... And Canyon city leaders say it cannot happen any more.

NewsChannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos has more on what the city is calling an eyesore that needs to go away fast. We're talking about the entrance to Canyon going north from Amarillo... The city has been trying to secure funds to fix up the area for years, and now they might have a solid chance at doing it.

It's brown... It's overgrown... And it's ugly... And Canyon city leaders say it has to go.

Canyon Business Development Director Evelyn Ecker says, "We have this one area just right there where you're coming in that looks so bad. To me that's our welcome card and I think it needs to be pristine."

In hopes of making it postcard perfect, the city is applying for a one million dollar grant from TxDOT... With Canyon pitching in between $200,000 and $300,000.

City leaders say that stretch of roadway is the last piece of the puzzle. The county has done it's part to maintain the Justice Center property. United and Hastings make sure their property is in perfect condition. And WT recently added a new sign and landscaping to this corner. So now it's the city's turn.

City Manager Randy Criswell says,"Regrading some of these slopes and planting vegetation and planting trees and bushes. They'll be some retention walls created in some of the steeper areas to kinda hold the slopes up."

Until they do, Ecker says, they could be losing out on some potential business. "It is always a constant complaint. Well are we gonna do something about the entrance. The 23rd Street entrance."

City commissioners turn in the application to TxDOT on December 11, and hopefully hear back in the next couple of months.