Dangers of heating your home with kitchen appliances.

By: Michelle Langowski

Amarillo, TX

And as temperatures continue to dip below average, some may turn to alternative sources of heat in order to warm their homes this winter.

For those who do not have an adequate heat source in their home, using the oven seems like a simple and convenient way to keep warm...but the risk of a house fire is real.

The risk of home fires increases in the winter months, in part due to the use of stoves and ovens as a source of heat.

The house fire on Bryan Street was discovered to have been caused by turning all the stove burners on in order to warm the home.

"Like today and tonight, its cold and I feel bad because they don't have another source of heat and they go to the only thing they got, which is the stove. But its just not a good idea, Amarillo Fire Captain Bob Johnson said.

In his over 25 years of experience working as a fire fighter, Johnson says unfortunately – it's one of the leading causes of home fires in the winter months.

"It does produce a lot of heat, but that's not what the stoves designed for and to leave it on for 24 hours at a time with all the carbon monoxide going into the house - all of its bad."

Johnson says some homeowners who do not have an adequate source of heat will use their oven or stove to heat their home…unaware of the dangers.